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      ABOUT US

      Company Profile

      Zhejiang Hengye Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent electrical energy metering appliances and electricity information collection systems, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service for the State Grid, Southern Power Grid and overseas markets. It is one of the early enterprises in Zhejiang Province to obtain a manufacturing license for electronic electrical energy metering appliances.The company was established in 1995 with a registered capital of 122.55 million yuan, covers an area of 70 acres, and a standard factory building of more than 46,000 square meters. It is located in Pinghu Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta with developed economy and convenient transportation.

      The company has always been committed to continuous investment in technology research and development, with an average annual R&D investment of more than 5% of sales, and professional and technical personnel with middle and senior titles accounting for more than 40%. It has been recognized as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a provincial-level enterprise R&D center, a provincial-level enterprise research institute, a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a provincial science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise. It has established industry-university-research cooperation with a number of universities and undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial science and technology research projects. The product was rated as “Zhejiang Province high-tech Product” and “National Torch Plan Project”, and it is also a member of the China Intelligent measurement Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.Participated in the formulation and revision of more than ten national and industry standards, and has obtained dozens of invention patents and utility model patents.

      The company has continuously improved its quality management level and product manufacturing capabilities, and has passed ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management, ISO10012AAA-level measurement management, intellectual property management, two-chemical integration management and other management system certifications.Through efforts to build an advanced automation, intelligence, informationization, and flexible manufacturing and testing system, a domestic first-class test and testing experiment center and an advanced manufacturing system covering the core production processes of smart meters such as PCBA component production, whole unit assembly, high temperature aging, testing and verification, and parameter packaging have been formed, and complete testing and testing capabilities have been established from raw (auxiliary) materials to finished products, with an annual output capacity of nearly 20 million units.

      In order to ensure the effective implementation of the core tasks of performance, quality and service, the company adheres to the customer-centered and service-oriented service concept. It has a “400-823-1818” dedicated telephone and a 7×24-hour duty telephone in the company's headquarters. Dozens of offices are set up throughout the country, striving to achieve timely service response, rapid response and effective solution.

      The company will persevere in increasing investment in product technology research and development and quality management improvement, take customers as the center to ensure performance, quality and service, and make unremitting efforts to provide power grid company customers with reliable products and high-quality and satisfactory service!

      Company Profile

      Company Culture

      The company attaches great importance to party organization construction, team building and employee quality education, gives full play to the exemplary and leading role of party members in the employee group, and regularly organizes rich and diverse group activities to promote exchanges and interactions among employees, enhance the party and the group's emotions, and further enhance corporate cohesion, team competitiveness and social responsibility.


      In the field of technology, we continue to explore and innovate; at the management level, we continue to strengthen our execution; in the product market, we continue to improve our competitiveness...Our efforts, our beliefs, and our persistence have created Hengye's brilliance today.

      2022 / YEAR

      Hengye Green Energy Subsidiary was established.

      2021 / YEAR

      For the first time, China Southern Network made a zero breakthrough.

      2020 / YEAR

      Overseas market~ The Angolan subsidiary was established.

      2019 / YEAR

      The Hangzhou R&D Center signed to the newly purchased office building.

      2018 / YEAR

      Automated assembly line,

      The integration of the two is consistent with the standard.

      2017 / YEAR

      The company increased its capital by 70 million and increased its capital by 110 million.

      Consistent standards for intellectual property rights, June 2017.

      In overseas markets, Congo Gold Company was established.

      2016 / YEAR

      Obtained the measurement management system certification certificate-GB/T19022-2003/ISO.

      2015 / YEAR

      Obtained the 50 growth characteristic enterprises of electronic information in Zhejiang Province and the special plan for intelligent manufacturing (pilot project) for the deep integration of the two provinces.

      2014 / YEAR

      Won the top ten enterprises in transformation and upgrading.

      2013 / YEAR

      Obtained AAA-level contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise.

      2012 / YEAR

      Obtained a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

      2011 / YEAR

      Obtained a national high-tech enterprise.

      2010 / YEAR

      Obtained Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprise and Provincial R&D center.

      Company relocation: No. 1818, Qianxingping 1st Road, No. 999, Huanbei 2nd Road, Pinghu, January 18, 2010.

      2009 / YEAR

      The State Grid is uniformly tendered and sold to the national Electric power Company.

      Obtained a well-known trademark in China.

      2008 / YEAR

      The company increased its capital by 20 million to 70 million.

      Won: ISO9001, ISO14001, 28001 three-system certification.

      2007 / YEAR

      The company's equity was changed and its capital increased by 6.66 million to 20 million.

      Obtained the National Torch Plan project certificate.

      2006 / YEAR

      The company's equity changed and capital increased by 3 million to 6.66 million.

      Obtained the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province.

      2005 / YEAR

      Obtained Zhejiang Province high-tech product certificate

      2004 / YEAR

      Obtained the National Torch Plan Pinghu Optical Mechanical and Electrical Industry Base-Backbone Enterprise

      2003 / YEAR

      Obtained the backbone enterprise of Zhejiang high-tech characteristic industry

      2002 / YEAR

      Company relocation: In July 2002, it moved from Tianfei Road, Zhapu Town to No. 999, Huanbei Second Road, Pinghu City.

      1995 / YEAR

      The company was established with a registered capital of 3 million. The company mainly produces electronic electric meters and meters.


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